Tethering and containment options for pit bulls

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  • Tethering and containment options for pit bulls

    Although the best containment method for a pit bull is having the dog with you at all times under your own supervision, there always comes a time where your direct supervision is not possible. The responsible owners of pit bull dogs, who have either one or more dogs, that hold a job, have family endeavors, etc. must have a proper containment plan in mind while they are away. The media often portrays that pit bulls often become more aggressive toward humans while being contained on a chain or other tether than being contained in a kennel, a crate or contained indoors. Due to the media and society’s acceptance of these claims, there are often laws and legislation put into place because of this and tethering a dog has become illegal in many areas due to so-called "animal welfare." While the fear of society increases because of the increasing sensationalism of the media and the broad laws restricting owners of their right to own and maintain their pit bulls increase, there still seems to be a pit bull problem in this country; the media exposure of pit bulls have not decreased at all. Please take the time to read a study by Cornell University titled A Comparison of Tethering and Pen Confinement of Dogs (https://www.pitbull-dog.com/Cornell_Study.pdf) and continue reading for my own opinions of these confinement methods for pit bulls.

    Chaining (or tethering) a pit bull can be quite more beneficial than any other containment solution. While a pit bull is being maintained and contained on a chain setup, it is offered a great deal more freedom, area or space and safer interaction with people without the possibility of escape. A proper chain setup can often be a full-proof containment method to detour theft and a greater possibility of preventing the pit bull from becoming a stray, roaming the streets. While being contained on a chain setup, a pit bull can only escape by means of faulty or worn out equipment, or a loose fitting collar. When done properly, a chain setup will cause the pit bull to also detour theft by forcing the thief to only be able to remove the collar or take the entire setup with them to steal the pit bull, rather than opening a gate or cutting a lock.

    Another type of containment solution would be using kennels. Chain link kennels are very fashionable and tend to appeal to society in a better light. However, kennels have their down fall as well. While containing a pit bull in a kennel, the average pit bull has obvious escape routes and may or may not ever take advantage of these routes in an effort to escape. Although there are ways to lessen the chance of a pit bull escaping a kennel, these options are very expensive and are not widely accepted by the average pit bull owner. One of these options would include burying two feet of an eight foot chain link fence (leaving a six feet surrounding above ground) and cementing the two feet of fence with no less than a six inch wide buffer zone to help detour the pit bull from digging underneath the kennel. Another would be a full proof, preferably solid roof for the kennel to prevent the pit bull from possibly climbing up and over the kennel to escape. One other immediate concern dealing with the containment of a pit bull in a kennel is the possibility of the pit bull becoming frustrated and attempting to chew their way through the kennel.

    One other highly accepted containment solution for pit bulls by many owners, several rescues and advocacy groups is crating a dog, also known as "crate and rotate" for owners who have multiple pit bulls. While this method of containment is both acceptable to society and animal welfare advocates, this method of containment poses an even more negative environment for the pit bull than the two prior containment methods. When crating any dog, the dog, or in this case, pit bull, has limited movement space and barely enough room to change their position or direction. A pit bull living in a closed space environment with little space to move is both depressing and inhumane for a pit bull to endure.
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