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  • Landlord says "GET RID OF THE PITBULLS"

    It has been a pretty crappy holiday season so glad to get this year over today. The year started out healing from 2 surgeries due to a doctors negligance.
    As if 2 back to back surgeries at the holiday last year wasn't enough was back in 2 more early November almost died bp was super crazy low.
    Think I was in a cross over plane..
    Came home from a hospital started to heal up and BAMMMMM your son has a heart condition, he needs surgery.
    Well the kid is 19 he did not want to ruin the holidays for us after last years' health debacle, so he has pushed the surgery off til next year and here we go again ..... Bammmmmmmmmmmm

    11/28 less than 24 hours after December rent was paid ...
    You got 7 days to get rid of the pitbulls.
    Scramble wtf are we gonna do I am NOT getting rid of the dogs my 5yr old freaked the 3 hospital stays the last one he refused to eat til I came home.. Plus he stayed with me for 5 months did not leave my side last year when I was really sick last year , the pitsky puppy we ened up with her in April ..

    Had my dr give me an ESA letter oh that just set him off more he starts coming up with all kinds of crazy charges to basically price me out of living here knowing my lease is up 1/31. Just a greedy b @ stard.
    Now the landlod has known about Roscoe for over 5yrs we been here 8 yrs. I honestly do not know IF I told him about Stella but he stood in this house in September .. and ya just can not hide a 130lb Amstaff/Rot mix and or a 90ish lb Husky/Pit mix.
    So he knew the dogs were here LONG before 11/28.

    He just got mad at me cus After the 16th time of the garage flooding from the toilet and him NEVER fixing the valve right I pretty much said it was time to stop hiring every drunk and crack head in town and time to hire a professional.

    I also explained to him I am sorry if my attitude isn't the best but I am healing from surgery and on pins and needles knowing my kid could drop dead from a heart attack at any given moment. But after almost 8 yrs of him having his rent on time every time I just kinda expect things to be fixed right.

    For those who are parents out here I am sure you can imagine the stress my son's health has had me under.
    So I have done the only thing I know build a website and try to sell some tshirts cus on ssi they barely give you enough to cover rent and IF I did not spend 1 dime it would still take me 2-3 months to have enough for a security dep.
    The landlord is the one with the 75kplus a month rental income not me.

    All I was trying to do was just not have to move right now given things with my son and he thought he could prey on the mother's emotions so I would just pay him what ever .. this place isnt worth the $1485 it surely is not worth over $2k a month. The clown has gotten so petty he has even charged me $30 for the 2 notices he gave me and $238 this month for pet rent for esa's which by FED & FL law is illegal.

    Several emails I said ... Look you gave me a notice saying you were not renewing the lease cus I won't get rid of the dogs, I said we would be out on or around 1/31.
    We have nothing at all to talk about anymore.
    Please leave my family and I alone throughout the holidays that was 16days ago since its been 5 emails, WEIRD texts from his hanndyman, strange phone calls from numbers we do not know, and a stalker on Christmas day!

    If my son wasn't sick I would park my tail and wait for him to physically evict me and have a truck

    So if possible if you would Please share my links the dogs have their own TikTok, clothing line, we have a gofundme set up and If you are on Tiktok Your invited to Stella's 1st Birthday party live Jan 7th around 1 eastern
    Here is the link for the linktree that has all or links Hope to get some NEW Followers to grow our ch.
    and again is possible Please share share share , maybe a pitbull advocate, lawyer, reporter and or someone who has funds they can donate will see it.

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    Thank You

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    You have certainly been under a dark cloud. Wishing you a change in luck. I hope everything works out for your whole family including Roscoe and Stella. Please keep us updated.