How To Make Your Dog Loyal

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  • How To Make Your Dog Loyal

    One of the most amazing and valuable relationships ever existed is between humans and dogs. The bond between the two is so strong that it has become a favorite subject in literature, films, and other works of art.

    Caring for animals, in general, helps us mature into human beings that are—not only responsible—but also capable of giving unconditional love. Dogs also gain from this relationship by having someone to care, nurture, and love them.

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    All dog lovers hope to connect with their dogs in the deeper level. They strive to gain loyalty from their furry friends, and although it’s certainly possible, as dogs are one of the most loyal animal companions known to man—it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to constantly nurture a healthy relationship with your dog to gain their loyalty. Start with the following tips below.

    Obedience Training Approach
    Obedience training is not only an effective way in improving your dog’s behavior and comprehension, it’s also the best approach in communicating effectively with your dog. Spending time to train your dog will help them develop a sense of teamwork—you and him working together to achieve a goal—instills a feeling of belongingness in them.

    However, you have to be careful in choosing the right approach in training. Experts recommend the reward system; giving a treat or toy every time they do something favorable. This teaches your dog to behave appropriately, while strengthening your emotional bond.

    A Balance of Work and Play
    Like humans, dogs thrive with close relationships or pack. They seek companionship and they do well in an environment that allows them to form bonds with others. While it’s beneficial to spend time training your dog daily, you must not neglect their need for play and affection.

    Every minute you spend with your dog is crucial in forming a bond with them. Play is as simple as going out for walks, playing fetch, or relaxing in the sofa while you pet him. Always be gentle and affectionate with your dogs, as this will greatly enhance their sense of loyalty.

    Treat them as a Part of Your Family
    If you’ve gotten a dog past their puppy stage, you may have a hard time gaining their trust. You have to be consistent in showing them that you care for their well-being. Welcome them to your family the moment they set foot in your house. Dogs will always be loyal to a pack that makes them feel like they belong.

    Be sensitive of your dog’s needs, and always observe how they interact with their surroundings. That way, you will be able to correct unpleasant behaviors early on. Remember that harsh punishments are not the right way of correcting your dog’s behavior, as this can tarnish your good relationship with them.

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