Click image for larger version  Name:	pitbull corgi mix.jpg Views:	0 Size:	119.1 KB ID:	261 A popular choice for dog owners looking for a versatile, strong-minded dog that can mix well with other dogs of different breeds, the Pit Bull corgi mix is one of the hottest canine lines currently available. With the combination of a medium-sized muscular build and a playful spirit, the Pitbull corgi mix dog is destined to become a big hit. The Corgi is often incorrectly called a Pit Bull because it is not. The Corgi is a different breed entirely.

Although both dogs are small and calm, the Pitbull corgi mix is slightly larger than the average English mastiff. This rarely-seen designer canine breed mixes the standard Pembroke Welsh Corgi with the American Pit Bull terrier to produce an unusual hybrid. Because both breeds are powerful and independent, an involved, well-trained dog owner is highly recommended for this breed. Due to the large amount of energy this breed requires, housebreaking should never be neglected.

Because both the Pit Bull and Corgi tend to be rather aggressive, these dogs must be introduced to people before being given to a friend or family pet. If you want your pet to greet everyone with enthusiasm, introduce him to small children before they become part of the family. These dogs must have good manners as well as being well behaved if you wish for them to be introduced to other people. As loving and devoted family pets, Pit Bulls must be around children for several hours each day. However, this does not mean that all day long, you should leave your Pit Bull alone with your child.

This dog requires socialization and regular exercise to stay mentally and physically healthy. As a result, this Pitbull Corgi mix should be given every opportunity to mingle with other dogs of its own age group. Obedience instructors, obedience schools, and behavior consultants can be great resources for teaching your Pitbull Corgi mix how to behave appropriately around other people and other pets. They will assist you in teaching your pup's how to keep in shape, develop good leadership qualities, and enhance their sense of responsibility.

Click image for larger version  Name:	pitbull corgi mix2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	78.6 KB ID:	262​Because this Pitbull Corgi mix is extremely intelligent, it should be socialized early, preferably before the first birthday of the dog. The best way to achieve this is through training. Since these dogs are energetic and need plenty of exercise, it is imperative that you keep your pups engaged in structured activities throughout the day. An excellent choice for your Pitbull Corgi mix puppy's training regimen would be obedience classes. These classes will expose the dog to people and other dogs during their growing stages, teaching them the basics of behaving appropriately around people and other animals.

Pit Bulls mixed with Corgis or other dog breeds have a higher risk of health problems and temperament issues. You should always have a veterinarian who specializes in Pit Bull crossbreed dogs when you get pregnant. A veterinarian who takes on these special cases is very likely to have specific programs in place for them and be able to recognize any potential health issues that your new Pit Bull may have.

In terms of shelter, you may want to choose a facility that houses other pitbulls, since these animals tend to bond more easily with each other. It is also important that you choose a facility that keeps the dogs separated from each other, unless you plan to mate them. Although the American Temperament Society approves of pitbulls as having very loving, devoted parents, they do not approve of pairing these dogs together. (This society only approves of pitbulls and terriers with certain parent breeds.)

The American Kennel Club does not approve of the mixes, however. Although they are a smaller breed than the standard poodle, they are still larger than many standard-sized dogs. This is because corgis are oversize, although they are not considered large enough to require a yard. Pit Bulls and corgis make great pets, so if you can find one with the right temperament and appropriate structure you will be happy with a loving companion for years to come.